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F&B Fabrics

F&B Fabrics
All our F&B Fabrics are designed by Beth (me) and here you'll find me running through them all, explaining where the inspiration came from, the different options and how I like to use each of the fabrics. Whether you like our Pheasant & Fern fabric or you're looking for something new, find out more about them from this little introduction.

Fabrics New to F&B for Spring & Summer 2021

Fabrics New to F&B for Spring & Summer 2021

We love fabric, it's our thing. And while there seems to have been a couple of years where nothing has really caught our eye, here you'll find a selection of the newest fabrics into us  - and we love them all! 

Find all of the fabrics that we love and are working hard to whip up into lots of lovely stuff for your home. 

Cosy & Country

Cosy & Country - Gorgeous Candles Hand Poured in Yorkshire

As I'm sure you're all aware we love to support other small businesses and that's why you'll find some featured on the website - including the lovely products from Cosy & Country.

All of the candles and melts are hand poured by Victoria who uses the loveliest fragrances; but we know how hard it is to work out which fragrance you'll like from photos so we've whipped up a little blog to help you.

Welcome to our new blog!

Beth's Blog - F&B - All our advice available here from Beth Todd the founder of F&B

Well hello there! Welcome to our new blog!

We've been considering starting this for a while because we feel like there's so much we want to tell you that we just can't get across in an Instagram post so hopefully here will help!

In the blogs you should find a range of topics whether it be how to decide what size head warmer to get, what fragrance candle is best or what inspired our F&B fabrics; eventually we'll cover it all!