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Fabrics New to F&B for Spring & Summer 2021

We love fabric, it's our thing. And while there seems to have been a couple of years where nothing has really caught our eye, here you'll find a selection of the newest fabrics into us  - and we love them all!

F&B Jungle Print Doorstop in Majorelle by Clarke and Clarke

I mean who wouldn't want to decorate their home in beautiful fabrics like this one from Clarke and Clarke - you can buy the doorstop here.


A new fabric that only arrived this week (I'm hoping to whip something up in it this weekend!) I just love the nature based features and the colours so I think it'll be good fun to mix up with some other prints. I'd estimate the image below is the full width of the meter, so it is quite a large print - I'd love to be able to buy it and for it to look like this and be 30cm wide but never mind!

Clarke & Clarke Pieris Fabric


Ashley Wilde

I've liked the Ashley Wilde fabrics for a while, although some research into the company established there isn't actually an Ashley Wilde it's just a brand name and then I felt slightly disappointed. But I ordered three of the fabrics anyway and they are these lovely prints

 Ashley Wilde Fox & Badger Print     Ashley Wilde Hares Ashley Wilde Game Birds

The three prints I got were the fox and badger print, which has since been turned into a lot of face masks for Ballynahinch Castle Hotel & Estate. The hares print which is just lovely and light, and the game birds print. I'm thinking the game birds fabric will be lovely as a lamp and door stops, and notice boards - well most things then. It looks like it's going to be a great alternative to the voyage fabric that's quite similar and being fairly new it's unlikely to be discontinued like some of the other popular game birds fabrics.

That's the animals covered, so off to Italy we go!


I might have a little obsession with Italy, and these new prints from Clarke & Clarke definitely fuel that love a little more. 

Sorento Linen Fabric


Sorento Ebony


 I ordered two colour ways, linen and ebony. I love the linen because I'm naturally drawn to lighter colours and prints, but I know some people love darker bases for their fabrics and walls so I risked both! I'm definitely thinking the linen might be great as a blind in our new house (fingers crossed - but then I do feel like I should use F&B fabrics exclusively).

Featuring oranges, apples, pears, lemons and flowers I love the vintage style but the nice bright colours - so yes I did make a notice board as soon as the fabric arrived - buy it here!


Sicilian Lemon

Sicilian Lemon

 Yep, I'm sticking with the Italian theme, although I do have a thing for Cape Cod style at the moment too... can they work together? I digress. I'm not as keen on this as I thought I would be, it's embroidered and I don't think the colours are as true in real life as I had imagined they would be, in my opinion the yellow is quite a dirty yellow; but I do think in small quantities it's going to be quite a fun print - imagine it as a doorstop.


Following on the plant theme, here is a fabric that isn't typically "me" however when it arrived, I fell in love.

Majorelle Fabric

Featuring banana plant leaves, ferns and palms it's just a fabric of gorgeous greens on a white background and the simplicity of it and it's boldness is stunning. Add a touch of fun, or of the 70's (?) to your home with this stunning fabric - we're still in the process of making it up into lots of items but so far you can have it as a doorstop, peg bag or wash bag.


And finally still leafy or floral this bright fabric is another one I'm really excited to use as I think it will make a stunning wash bag.

Posy by Clarke & Clarke

Again I think this image is of the full meter, so it's quite a large print with a very 60's tropical vibe - just perfect for summer!


So I guess this blog post has established that I'm definitely loving the floral/nature based prints, that are a contemporary twist on quite a traditional style! Keep your eye on the website for lots of lovely new products coming in these fabrics soon!



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