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Designed and Crafted in Yorkshire

F&B Crafts is a small Yorkshire business, crafting you beautiful and practical products that will last for years to come. Lovingly crafted just outside Malton, North Yorkshire, our country life influences everything from the fabrics we source to the products we make it's all linked harmoniously together.

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About Us

We use a mixture of fabrics for our handmade items including
fabrics designed by us, wool fabrics from Abraham Moon, Tweed from Yorkshire Mills, and the woodland fabrics which capture the countryside perfectly.

We would love to have everything pre-made and ready to ship instantly but it's just not practical, so instead most of our items are ready within 7 days, but sometimes we do get delays waiting for goods so if you'd like an order update please contact us via social media.

About Us
Behind the Scenes - F&B Crafts Sewing Room - Featuring pink scalloped walls, italian themed posters, janome machines and an emerald chair

From Humble Beginnings...

F&B was started in November 2016 following a business plan for some of Beth's uni work, the plan was slightly derailed to include sewing and now here we are!

Everything but the tea towels are handmade by Beth or her mum, you'll always find them busy doing something; whether it's making padded stars, hob covers, doorstops or rag rugs it's all lovingly crafted in Yorkshire. And when they're not busy making things they're generally outside enjoying the fresh air (or at their day jobs dealing with aerosols!)

About Us