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F&B Fabrics - Behind the Designs

All of our F&B Fabrics are designed in house by me (Beth), and I love crafting with them - and you seem to love them too! The fabrics were initially designed to offer something completely custom to F&B rather than just buying something everyone else can buy and I think it was a great move because it gives us something a little special and a little more memorable!

Our fabric designs are available in six shades, we initially started with four: seashore blue, manor grey, hovingham green and blush rose. And in 2021 we added two new colours, swinton red and almond nude. You can see all six shades below both on a white background and a mock up of how they should appear when printed on fabric. 

F&B Six Colour Options for Period Homes and Country Living

F&B period home colours blue, green, pink, grey, red and nude

While I could get into lots of detail about the different fabric types that we work with I'll save that for another blog post and keep this one focused on our fabric designs!


Working Dogs Print Fabric - Lurcher and Cocker Spaniel Print Fabric from F&B Crafts

Lindt & Buck Working Dogs Print

If you follow F&B Crafts on Instragram (@fandbcrafts) you'll probably have seen these two bobbling around in stories. Lindt is my black cocker spaniel seen on the fabric and Buck is my lurcher - I love them both so much that it only made sense that they were one of the first things I wanted to preserve on fabric forever! I made our kitchen a huge notice board from this print and it's still one of my favourite things to have made out of our fabric.
F&B Crafts Grouse & Heather Print Fabric
Grouse & Heather Print
I designed this fabric in 2019 along with a few others that became our initial collection. My husband was a grouse keeper on the North Yorkshire Moors and that's where we lived for a while, which ended up being the inspiration for this fabric. It's one of some of our fabrics that are available either with the colour as the solid background or in the reverse with a linen background.  The heather for this fabric was an absolute nightmare to draw out so I hope you all appreciate the detail on it! And to be clear, no it's not a pigeon it's a red grouse!
F&B Crafts - Dots & Stripes Blush Rose Vintage Style Fabric
Spots & Stripes
I've always loved vintage shabby chic style french country inspired fabric and this is my slightly more modern take on that. I love the simplicity of the fabric, but the statement that the colour makes in contrast to the linen colour of the fabric.
Sometime I incorrectly list the fabric as dots & stripes, so if you're looking for it, look for both! And if you can't find something you want in it, drop me an email.
Deer & Rabbit Print Fabric From F&B Crafts
Deer & Rabbit
This fabric was inspired from a little walk I did with Lindt and Buck. It's a 2 mile loop near Hovingham that heads out towards a farm, once you've gone down the track it opens out to some wide fields and just as we approached it I spotted in the distance a deer - the dogs didn't notice it though, and they didn't see the rabbits later on either... so much for working dogs! It's not one of my favourite fabrics because there are others that I've grown to love more, but I know it's perfect for nurseries for little ones!
Pheasant & Fern Print Fabric from F&B Crafts
Pheasant & Fern
Since I did the grouse fabric and that seemed to go down well, it seemed only sensible to follow it up with a pheasant fabric - especially when a friend asked me if I could do one as her husband was a pheasant keeper. I've always loved ferns, they're very elegant and I love the smell of them in the wild so hopefully this simple design captures an aspect of the British countryside that you've experienced. I think it works really well in all of the 6 colours, but by far the green is our most popular one - and of course it looks great in baby rompers too!
Hare & Dots Print Fabric - Country Inspired Fabric from F&B
Hare & Dots
This is one of my favourite fabrics, I'm not sure why but it's just one that really satisfies me. Maybe it's because the idea just hit me for it, and it's a fabric that I didn't do alongside any others so I feel like it's a truer representation of my free creativity but I love it anyway. Featuring a sitting hare, and a running hare split by 6 dots, this design was a nightmare to get printed because the repeat on the pattern is really difficult to get just right - but it's right now so I don't need to worry about it now anyway!
Vintage Trellis Inspired Fabric by F&B
Vintage Trellis
A new fabric for 2021, this fabric is also one that just hit me. I love all things art deco/1920s/1930s and I feel like this is a modern interpretation of a pattern you might have found back then. It works really well both as a solid coloured background or a linen background. I think I'm going to use the swinton red in our new sitting room, and the blue in our bedroom - I'm planning to make a lampshade in this print soon because I think it'll work really well.
F&B Fern Print Fabric
Fern Leaves
This is our new fern fabric, in our new colour almond nude. It's available in two sizes because I think the smaller size will be great for wash bags and lampshades, and the larger size ideal for curtains etc. It's the same fern design that I did for our pheasant and fern fabric but the layout creates a diamond effect which still feels pretty vintagey so I naturally love it! It does look really good in the green, but to make sure all the colours were covered in the blog post I thought I'd better put a nude fabric up!
That covers all our current fabric designs, I'm not sure where we'll go next... On the one hand I love stripes but I do also love the proper traditional vintage floral designs I'm just not sure I'm a good enough artist to be able to create one! We'll see! For now I'm happy with our selection - and I never know when I'll be next hit with a new idea!
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