About Us



F&B Crafts is an independently owned eCommerce retailer, based in Yorkshire. Founded by Fraser and Beth (hence F&B) the company was initially intended to be an aerosol distribution company as both have experience in this sector. However after rediscovering her love for sewing, and a passion for gorgeous fabrics Beth decided to reawaken her creative side and start creating products she hopes everyone would like in their homes. 

All of our fabric based products are lovingly and carefully crafted at Beth's home either by herself, or with the help of her mum who loves crafting just as much as she does. You'll always find her two trusty pooches there to help her too!

While we don't sell aerosols on this website anymore, if you are looking for aerosols you can head over to www.fandbbrands.com and shop from there. We do like to support the people who've helped support our business and that's why you might find some products that aren't made by us, such a soaps and hand poured candles - we love to help other people's businesses grow and this is our way of helping!


F&B International, LMA House, Halifax Way, Pocklington, YO42 1NR



If you would like products shipping internationally, then please let us know as it is something we can do however the cost to ship varies from country to country.


F&B Crafts Handmade in Yorkshire