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Welcome to our new blog!

Well hello there! Welcome to our new blog!

We've been considering starting this for a while because we feel like there's so much we want to tell you that we just can't get across in an Instagram post so hopefully here will help!

In the blogs you should find a range of topics whether it be how to decide what size head warmer to get, what fragrance candle is best or what inspired our F&B fabrics; eventually we'll cover it all!

The blogs are all written by Beth (me! Pictured above) the founder of F&B. 

Originally the company was just an idea that was developed in a business plan for my degree course and as I couldn't think of any good names I went with my dad's initial (who I still share an office with) F and mine, B of course. Since that paper proposal the name has stuck - I like it anyway!

F&B was originally meant to just sell aerosols online as that's the focus of my day job, but since I was living in the country and my now husband was always working I started sewing to occupy my time at home. I've always loved cross stitch but home decor gave me so much more range for the things I can make. 

The business has somewhat expanded since then from a few cushions, to wash bags and now I even get to design the fabric so I'd say that while it's not what my business plan had covered I do really enjoy it!

So anyway with the introductory post done I think I had better get on with the first proper post!


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