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F&B Crafts Deer Print Washbag featuring watercolour style deer illustrations on a linen background fabric
Deer Print washbags featuring doe, stags and fawns on a lovely linen fabric - handmade by F&B in Yorkshire
Deer Print Wash Bag/Make-Up Bag

Deer Print Wash Bag/Make-Up Bag

F&B Handmade

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This handy bag is perfect for all your travel essentials, whether it be your toothbrush or your foundation it can fit it all. This lovely fabric featuring a variety of deer makes the perfect gift for him or for her!

Now available in two sizes. The large wash bag is lined with waterproof fabric and measures 30cm x 25cm and features an internal pocket and the medium wash bag measures 20cm x 15cm and is also lined with waterproof fabric.

Bag featured is a medium size.

Handmade in Yorkshire.