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Cream and Pastel Shade Clip Rug - Square Peg Rug Contemporary Traditional Craft
Shapes on Cream Background Rag Rug Clip Rug by F&B Crafts

Cream Circle & Triangle Rag Rug

F&B Handmade

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We've found that rag rugs are often the talking point of our stall as they remind so many of you of the times when you were younger. Whether your grandmother or grandad made them, or you used to make them as a family for Christmas, we love hearing your stories! 

Rag rugs (as we call them) go by various names including peg rugs, clip rugs and I'm sure many others; but regardless of their name they bring back some memories for many of you. Rag rugs are extremely durable and while they might malt to start with and the odd piece might come out you can always poke it back in! If you want to clean your rug, then we'd recommend either washing it use a hose pipe on a hot summer day, or using a foaming upholstery cleaner and brushing gently.


Circles and Triangles on Cream Design - 25" x 24"