Curtains & Blinds

Handmade & Completely Bespoke

Handmade Curtains and Blinds by F&B
We're delighted to be able to offer blinds and curtains in our very own F&B fabrics! Curtains and Blinds are custom made to order, and are made to your requirements to make sure they're absolutely perfect for you!
If you'd like a quote from us please send us an email to let us know which fabric you'd like (view our fabrics here) and the dimensions and we'll get back to you with a price!
Things to consider: 
Normal, Thermal or Patterned Lining
Eyelet or pencil pleat for curtains
When measuring for curtains simply provide us with the exact width of the window and the exact height of the window. Please then let us know if you would like the curtains any wider or longer than the exact window height. For example the window may be 120cm wide x 150cm tall but you might choose to have curtains that are 140cm wide and 240cm long so that they almost touch the floor.
When measuring for blinds it is important to consider whether you would like a blind that sits on the wall outside the window, or a blind that is recessed with the window frame. If you are considering a recessed blind we would recommend this only be selected when the window recess is more than 5cm. 
Simply measure the height of the window and the width. We'd recommend doing this at intervals across the window/space to be covered as windows are not always perfectly square. 
If you are not recessing the blind, you may want to increase the size of the blind to ensure the window is fully covered and no light can get around the edges of the blind. To allow for the folds of the blind we'd recommend placing you're blind 15cm above the window so that you can still appreciate the whole view from your window without the blind blocking it!
Please always send us the exact dimensions of your window, as well as the size you would like the blinds and curtains to be made to.