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400ml Show Proof Glossifier - Apply to your horse to give a super shiny coat, and brush into manes and tails to reduce knotting.
400ml Original Glossifier
400ml Original Glossifier

400ml Original Glossifier

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The Show Proof Glossifier has been designed to give your horse the glossiest of coats with the lightest of sprays. With added Citronella this product is an essential for any stable. 

Simply spray onto your horses hair, including manes and tails and brush in to give an all over shiny cover. The product works to detangle hair without leaving a sticky feeling finish but leaving your horse looking super glossy. Lasting for many days repelling dust and dirt and keeping the hair knot free, once you've tried this product you'll find it hard to live without.

The aerosol is designed to be quieter than other sprays to avoid upsetting your horse, but the aerosol nature of the product ensures better coverage and penetration of the animals hair.