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Re-Energizing Bath Salts - Rosemary, Peppermint, Clary Sage and Lavender

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Dried Flowers

This power blend of oils and salts is specifically designed to de-fog your brain and reduce headaches. Rosemary oil is very effective at clearing mental fatigue, headaches and general mental exhaustion due to it's ability to stimulate the brain. Peppermint oil is also excellent for clearing the mind, and improving memory and concentration. Clary Sage has an uplifting and energizing effect, and is also great for women throughout their monthly cycle as it can reduce cramps, PMS symptoms, imbalanced emotions and even irregular periods. Lavender oil is a fantastic all-rounder for a variety of issues, but is especially good at reducing headaches and migraines; it also works well to increase the effects of other oils it's mixed with.

Due to the energizing effects of these salts. we would not recommend using them before bed!

This variety of salts comes with dried blue mallow flowers which are cooling and soothing, but if you'd prefer it without them just select the without option when ordering.

These delightful salts are handmade by us and packaged in 250g or 500g bags which should provide 3 and 6 baths respectively, but depending on preferred strength. We do not recommend using our bath salts if you are pregnant due to the high concentration of essential oils. Some people do have adverse reactions to essential oils, and while it's not the norm it is something to be cautious of.

If you suffer from high blood pressure we would not recommend using these bath salts as rosemary and clary sage oils can exacerbate the issue. 

This blend used a combination of Epsom salts (a naturally occurring salt, magnesium sulphate) which aids muscle recovery, and dead sea salts which are soothing for skin and contain minerals which enable detoxifying, and restore natural balance to the skin and muscles. 

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