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Pregnancy Safe Bath Salts With Dried Roses Petals & Lavender

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Throughout pregnancy in general, women are advised to avoid absorbing essential oils. This is a great shame in our opinion, but understandable given the risks, so to ensure you still get to enjoy great smelling and thoroughly relaxing baths we came up with this gorgeous blend kept super simple with our standard salt blend, and dried petals. Simply sprinkle the salts and petals in, pour your bath aiming for 37°C and then hop in! If it's getting a little chilly you can always top it up later...

This variety of salts comes with dried Rose petals and Lavender. 

These delightful salts are handmade by us and packaged in 250g bags which should provide 3 baths, depending on preferred strength.

This blend used a combination of Epsom salts (a naturally occurring salt, magnesium sulphate) which aids muscle recovery, and dead sea salts which are soothing for skin and contain minerals which enable detoxifying, and restore natural balance to the skin and muscles. 

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