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Pre-Order Muscle Relief Bath Salts

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*Pre-Order* *Pending CPSR Approval Expected by the end of April*

Featuring a combination of rosemary oil, fir needle oil, lemon oil and jasmine oil, this bath is refreshingly zetsy with a clean aroma that is sure to help if you have a blocked nose or tight chest. These oils have been selected largely due to their ability to reduce muscle aches and discomfort arising from arthritis and rheumatism, however their abilities to increase circulation and support the immune system against colds and flus will also be beneficial.

These delightful salts are handmade by us and packaged in 250g or 500g bags which should provide 3 and 6 baths respectively, but depending on preferred strength. Rosemary should not be used when pregnant, or if you suffer from seizures/epilepsy or high blood pressure.

These bath salts exclusively use Epsom salts (a naturally occurring salt, magnesium sulphate) which are known for aiding muscle recovery due to the absorption of magnesium.

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