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Khaki and Pink Tweed Headband by F&B - Green and brown herringbone tweed with a pink and red check  - Country clothing accessories
Khaki, pink and red tweed headband - top knot hair accessories for country women by F&B
F&B harrogate Tweed moss green headband
Khaki & Pink Tweed Headband

Khaki & Pink Tweed Headband

F&B Handmade

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Call it a headband, head scarf, head tie or whatever you like! This practical hair accessory keeps all your flyaways and frizz out of your face while keeping you looking classically glamorous!

Modern tweed with a vintage feel, this one size fits all headband is simply perfect for everyday wear. A flexible head scarf means you can tie it to whatever length suits you, and you can bend the ends to shape the way you want them!

The headband is not one constant width, instead it's cut specifically to fit most appropriately to your head and enable your knot to be more effectively tied! When tying we'd recommend going right over and under left before pulling tight to keep the ends on the right sides! If you can't get it to sit right, just undo it and try again.