Dog Print Cushion featuring terriers, poodles, hounds, beagles, collies and red setters in a linen background - Handmade by F&B in yorkshire
Dog Print Cushion - Handmade in Yorkshire by F&B - featuring poodles, beagles, terriers, collies and setters
Irish Setter cushion - dog breeds watercolour print cushion handmade in Yorkshire
Handmade cushion  featuring stunning dog illustrations on a linen background - made by F&B
14 " Dogs Cushion Duck Feather

14 " Dogs Cushion Duck Feather

F&B Interiors

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We love the bright watercolour effect of these cushions, and the lovely dogs pictured. Featuring poodles, collies, terriers, beagles and irish setters this cushion is perfect for any dog lover. 

Cushions come with their inserts and are measured length x width, cushions are made to suit the size of the insert. We'd really recommend handwashing the fabric, or using a gentle wash no hotter than 30 degrees. Each cushion will have a slightly different section of the print so we can't guaruntee that every breed, or particular breeds will be featured on your cushion. 

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