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950g Glass Jar Sleep Easy Bath Salts - Lavender and Chamomile

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Our very first bath salts blend is definitely our most popular, and our favourite (followed closely by the beauty blend)! A simple combination of lavender and chamomile gives you a blend that is not only great for skin, but also muscle and joint aches, headaches, migraines, insomnia and a range of nerve based issues. But most importantly for us it allows us to fully relax ready for a night of deep sleep.

This extra large pack of bath salts weigh 950g and come in a glass jar which you can use to store our 250g refills once you've emptied it the first time!

We do not recommend using our bath salts if you are pregnant due to the high concentration of essential oils. Some people do have adverse reactions to essential oils, and while it's not the norm it is something to be cautious of.

This blend used a combination of Epsom salts (a naturally occurring salt, magnesium sulphate) which aids muscle recovery, and dead sea salts which are soothing for skin and contain minerals which enable detoxifying, and restore natural balance to the skin and muscles. 

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