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2 Pack Bird Bedding Spray - The Blue Dog & Friends - Foaming and Non Foaming Bedding Spray

2 Pack Bird Bedding Spray

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This handy two pack contains a non-foaming and foaming product, with both products having no fragrance to ensure you don't cause harm to your pet.

We recommend that you use the foaming product as an effective method to clean the bed area once the absorbent bedding has been removed, you can also use it as a pre-wash before adding fresh bedding. Simply spray the area to be covered and wait for the foam to collapse, this works to break soften the initial layer. Then reapply the foam to lift the dirt from the fabric. Wipe the surface of the bed with a cloth or brush and allow to dry (1-2 hours). 

An antibacterial agent works to kill any bugs which may have been on the bedding. We recommend you use this spray whenever you're changing the bedding. 


The second spray is our refreshing spray that works to reduce odours. With an odour neutraliser killing the smells that can build up on a bed you can be sure that this spray will work to keep your bedding pet friendly! We'd recommend that you use the product every one or two days. 


Before using these sprays make sure that you have tested them on an inconspicuous area for colour fastness. We also suggest that you remove the animal from the area to be sprayed, and wait 10 minutes after spraying before you allow them back in the area.