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Feversham 400ml Waterproofer - Apply  to coats and shoes to keep them protected and keep them in pristine condition - for the outdoors - protect yourself from the elements - waterproof spray

400ml Waterproofer

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The Feversham Waterproofer is an essential for anyone venturing outdoors. With the large can offering coverage on up to 2 x waterproof coats and 2 x waterproof trousers this product is sure to keep you safe from the elements. 
Use on: shoes, boots, trainers, coats, trousers, hats, tweed and anything else you'd like to repel the rain. 
Using nano technology this product helps water to bead when landing on you and run off instead of soaking in. Simply spray on and allow 24 hours to dry.
This aerosol was made in Yorkshire in the UK.